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Kwamena Awhoi’s Controversial Book Vindicates the former Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Mr. Koku Anyidoho.


For the past years, some sections within the largest opposition party in Ghana, National Democratic Congress, (NDC) have been tagging and attacking their former outspoken Deputy General Secretary for reasons that, he is against the flag bearer, Mr. John Dramani Mahama.

The “party first” crusader who was silenced from the front view of the largest opposition party has at long last been vindicated by the Kwamena Awhoi’s book.

This confirms what Koku has on several occasions continuously insisted. That, he has not exchanged words with the leader and the flagbearer of the NDC, yet some fraction of the party continue to attack him in the media for reasons best known to them.

Meanwhile, the trending Kwamena Awhoi’s Controversial Book seems to Vindicate Koku Anyidoho, The former Deputy General secretary of the NDC.


There is a saying that: “God knows how to take care of animals without tails”.

For more than 8 years, there have been all kinds of wicked and malicious attempts to destroy Koku Anyidoho by a certain group within the NDC.

Even though it has always been obvious that some “big men” are the ones sponsoring the corrosive “Babies With Sharp Teeth”, to be insulting Koku Anyidoho and planting fake stories about him in the media, the truth is finally out.

Thanks to the book written by Kwamena Awhoi, it is now as clear as daylight that, Kwamena Awhoi and his cohorts are the coaches who have been coaching the likes of, Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa, Edward Omane-Boama, Felix Ofosu-Kwakye, to be insulting people.

Of course, having been taught how to insult, Okujeto, Omane-Boama and co have also recruited some other babies with sharper teeth (Edudzi Tamakloe & co), and injected the insults into their DNA.

Specifically on page 211 of the book “Working With Rawlings”, Kwamena Awhoi makes it explicitly clear that he and his men are the coaches behind all the verbal attacks on Chairman Rawlings by the “Babies With Sharp Teeth’.

On page 188 of the same book, Koku Anyidoho is vindicated .

To quote from the book “..Koku Anyidoho gives his own version as follows; Being the ever-forgiving and non-confrontational person President Atta-Mills was, he never called any of his aides and asked us to go on a headlong collision with the Founder.
On the contrary, he once told me never to be decieved by anybody into attacking Rawlings, because once I do that it will be the end of my political career”.

So it means that, while President Atta-Mills was busy giving Koku proper advice and sound training, Kwamena Awhoi and his usual Boys were busy teaching the babies with sharp teeth how to insult.

So, if President Atta-Mills will not allow Koku Anyidoho to insult Rawlings, then it there is no way he would have allowed Koku Anyidoho to disrespect Vice President John Dramani Mahama.

That is to say, all the talk that Koku Anyidoho used to be rude to John Mahama, is a pack of lies ochestrated by Kwamena Awhoi and his corrosive ‘Babies With Sharp Teeth”.

God is indeed a faithful and just God; and He knows how to vindicate his people.

Today, by the kind Grace of God Almighty, Koku Anyidoho is vindicated while the Babies With Sharp Teeth are running all over the place issuing meaningless disclaimers. “Enimguase akwaaaba ooooooo!!!”.

Akatsi south Mp Donates Computers to Logotey D/ A Basic School.


The Member of parliament for Akatsi south Constituency has on Wednesday, 5th, August, 2020 Presented desk top computers to Logotey D/A Basic School in the Akatsi South constituency of the Volta Region.

Mr. Ahiafor, who delegated the Assembly member for the area to present the items on his behalf promised to Make sure all Schools in the Akatsi south Constituency benefits from his “one School 3 computers each year initiative.”
I decided to do this to completely eradicate Schools without computers from Akatsi South constituency, Mr. Ahiafor added.

The donation forms part of his electioneering campaign promises to improve quality education in his Constituency.

The presentation was done in a short ceremony to the Headmaster of The School and the PTA Chairman, Mr. Kwaku Robert Gokah and Agbovi kwame, by the Assembly member for the area, Hon. Wisdom Akpabli on behalf of the prolific Member of parliament for the Constituency.

The Member of Parliament, Hon. Bernard Ahiafor in a statement delivered on his behalf, tasked the head and the Management of the school to maintain and put the desk top computers into good use for students to benefit from it.

“The future of Ghanaian children is very important to me , particularly those in my Constituency and I need to support them as a member of parliament.
These children we see today belong to our country Ghana and we must make sure their educational needs become my priority,” the mp emphasized.

The Headmaster of Logotey JHS, Mr.Kwaku Robert Gokah commended the opposition National Democratic Congress Mp for Akatsi South Constituency for his benevolent gesture in responding swiftly to the school’s call to have the supposed school’s ICT centre stocked with computers.

He promised the Mp that the school would use the computers efficiently to facilitate the teaching and learning of ICT in the school.

An ICT tutor who described the presentation as a “timely intervention”, said it was necessary because the Computers would make teaching and learning easier.

He added that “the computers would help them show more videos and build the confidence of students in the subject even beyond the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).”

The girl prefect of the school appealed to the Member of parliament through the Assembly to help them with one of modern Computer laboratory.

Breeding Deviants


The generation writing this year WASSCE and soon to write BECE are the very people who were born out of the free maternal care of Prez Kuffour’s regime. They have enjoyed the school feeding program, now enjoying free SHS and on top of it, have been given past questions for free to prepare for their final examination.

These children have been pampered since their birth to date. As a teacher or school authority, u dare not touch them when they go wrong in school. The govt, GES, child right agencies and parents will come after if u punish them. Some parents throng schools and in the full glare of these children attack teachers and school authorities. Discipline has broken down in our schools and this has transcended our homes. We must know that When we are tight-lipped on deviance today, deviants will tomorrow see indiscipline as their basic right.

The teacher is blamed when these children write their final examinations and are unsuccessful. This has compelled ‘some’ teachers and school authorities to aid their students to pass their exams to save their names. Should a teacher, an invigilator, headmaster, an exam supervisor stand against these acts of examination malpractice, such person is branded as the most wicked person and if care is not taken such person’s life would be in danger.

We have polarized our educational system to the extent that these children think the success of a politician winning an election hinges on the success of them passing their final examinations. The govt, headmasters, teachers, and invigilators must, therefore, allow and aid them write their exams and any attempt to stop them will result in student’s vandalism and issuing threats to school authorities and the President of the land.

There is a saying that ‘you reap what you sow’ and that is exactly what we are witnessing today in our schools. We are reaping the indiscipline and the pampering we have sowed in these children. Spare the rod, spoil the child in the bible is not there for just reading sake.

Free education without discipline will be an exercise in futility.

VERY WORRYING SIGNALS- Mama Jemima Mercy Awuku writes.


In the first place, a large majority of the ‘free’ SHS students, did not qualify for admission to the SHS. Most of them were pushed into the system with grades as bad as aggregate 45, just to make a ‘huge’ political statement…

Logistics and other teaching materials were woefully inadequate to go round the resultant large numbers… The double-track which became an ad-hoc ‘solution’, deprived them of needed contact hours for studies.

Then came in the ‘last straw’… the dreaded COVID-19, which took them away from school for several weeks.

As if these were not enough, instead of rigorous revision work, when they were recalled recently, they were rather gathered for EC registration and ‘political’ lectures from youth leaders of the ruling party….. apparently, amidst promises of possible exam questions from arranged Pasco booklets procured purposely for them, “to pass well and shame political opponents”, and ‘lenient’ invigilation among others…

. Now if you psyche up teenagers with such politically motivated ideas, and you get them disappointed, because their expectations are not met, they will react foolishly out of their ‘innocent’ and youthful exuberance….. Albeit, quite reprehensible and totally uncalled for.

May God save our educational systems. 🇬🇭

Felix Ofosu Kwakye Writes:


Once again, as has become the norm lately, we are skirting around the issue and feigning outrage over the misbehavior of SHS students in the last few days. We all know that this batch of students has been fed a staple of privilege rather than hard work.

They have become a showpiece for a leader and government who believe in shallow populism. Rather than molding them into students who need to apply what they have been taught in the examination hall, they were told that they needed to excel to shame critics of the President.

They were given books containing past questions and urged to study them as a sure bet to passing the exams.

They found out to their chagrin that there is no short cut to success and that WAEC, being an international organization,is not necessarily at the beck and call of any government.

So rather than feign righteous indignation and pretend that these students are entirely to blame, gather the courage to excoriate those who sought to rig the system in order to show off a high pass rate as the direct outcome of some intervention.



Adom TV on their quest to satisfy their paymasters has just shown their utmost ignorance in *real journalism

Yesterday, on the 29th day of July, 2020, Adom TV reported an alleged busing of people from a town in the Gomoa East Constituency called Gomoa Buduatta (my place of origin) to Ajumako Enyan Essiam (AEE) Constituency which happens to be the Constituency of hon. Ato Forson for the voter registration exercise…

According to Adom TV and the NPP Gomoa East constituency organizer who also double up as the Gomoa East District NADMO director who goes by the name Robert Nana Hackman, this alleged busing was engineered by hon. Ato Forson, the MP for Ajumako Enyan Essiam (AEE) constituency…

It is shameful to know that Adom TV could not even employ a quality video editor to help edit their propaganda video circulating on social media… *maybe that’s because they were just in a hurry to publish their jokes and go for the balance of their pay…*


(1) When the NPP organizer was speaking in the interview, we heard all he said *loud and clear* without any *interruptions* but when the two others who were equally interviewed in the same reportage were speaking, there were breaks in both voices respectively.

(2) The NPP constituency organizer mentioned categorically that *his sources* informed him that hon. Ato Forson was the brain behind the alleged busing… but when the two others were interviewed, we didn’t hear the name of who bussed them… all we heard was that they were promised to be given Gh¢ 2,000 each on the election day but as to who gave this promise to them, we didn’t hear… *perhaps the Adom TV editor got that part off for a reason best known to them

(3) The reporter of Adom TV mentioned in the reportage that an amount of Gh¢50 was given to each of these persons who were supposed to go and register but according to those allegedly involved in the said act as interviewed by Adom TV, they were given Gh¢30 each for breakfast to enable mobilize for the exercise…

(4) Adom TV never bothered to know who or where the said source of the NPP organizer is to even enable them gather evidence from this claimed source as to weather hon. Ato Forson is indeed guilty of this allegations.

These are enough and clear evidence of share propaganda against the honorable member of parliament for the AEE Constituency by Adom TV…

It may also interest you to know that the persons captured in this act are supporters and executives of the ruling NPP and not NDC… So if this is true, then why will any rightful thinking trained media personnel think an NDC PC will bus NPP supporters from a different constituency into his own constituency to register with the hope of them (NPP) voting for him (NDC)…???


I am Nana Baah by name and a native of Gomoa Buduatta, where the said incident occurred… I am known by every single breathing soul in the community and I know every single soul in the community including their political affiliations…

(1) The lady who was interviewed by Adom TV is called Kakra… she is a twin and stays in the same community with her twin sister Panyin… They are the daughters of the deceased chief (ozdekrow)* of Gomoa Buduatta… the ozdekrow was my elder brother… therefore the lady who was interviewed is my direct niece and I’m the right person to tell you who she is and where she stands…

(2) The gentleman who was interviewed goes by the name KAKRABA… He is from the community and lives there… He is an NPP branch executive… He was trained as part of the boys used by the NPP in the Constituency to intimate people at the registration centres… These boys I refer to were given accreditations around the neck and stationed at the various registration centres in Gomoa East… The inscription on the accreditations is GOMOA EAST SECURITY* and I have several pictures and videos of some of these boys to prove my sayings… This very gentleman we are talking about here was stationed among others at the Gomoa Buduatta registration centre and anyone who cares to know the truth may get the fake reportage by Adom TV and show the gentleman in question to the EC officials that worked at Buduatta for confirmation…

Again from information I have, the fellow who ensure they sat in the bus is an NPP activist who has confirmed this on a WhatsApp platform by the name *BUDUATTA CONCERNED YOUTH PLATFORM. he claims he was the one who facilitated this busing… he claims his reason is that hon. Ato Forson wanted to back off the alleged activity when he had only few persons but he (NPP ACTIVIST) mobilised more people for him… This NPP activist is by the name Fred Aidoo… He is popularly known as Orgambo by everyone in the community… He is a teacher… He was sponsored by the NPP to contest the immediate past assembly elections in Buduatta Odumase electoral area… He lost to Mr. Francis Nana Aidoo who is also a teacher… Evidence what Fred Aidoo said is on my community platform and I have them save for future prove





A lot more on my mind to prove how hypocritical Adom TV is in this very unfortunate reportage of theirs… I won’t waste more time on their cluelessness but will only advice them to stand up for the truth and work with integrity instead of embarrassing the general media…






Do not condemn, criticize nor complain about the life of your dear ones. Remember that everyone has a reason for doing things the way they did it.

Instead of condemning people, let’s try to understand them. Let’s try to figure out why they do what they do. That’s a lot more profitable and intriguing than criticism; and it breeds sympathy, tolerance, and kindness.

‘To know all is to forgive all. God himself does not propose to judge a man until the end of his days. Why should you and I? Empathize with people rather than sympathizing with them. Because, when given the same opportunity, you might have behaved worst than them.

When God met Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, He didn’t condemn nor criticized initially but, gave them the opportunity to explain themselves. We’re too quick to judge people. If you can learn from this message, you could win a heart today. Have a blessed day.

From Broda Philip. Call or Wasup me on +233(0)244790954

Mike Dery CR Ndc Regional Organizer Appreciate Party Folks


The  National Democratic  Congress Field  Marshall in a statement signed and copied  Politicsfarika.com appreciates the work of  Central  Regional Organization department,

Below are the statements:

thanks to all comrades for a yeoman’s job done at this critical period of our political life. We sincerely admire the zeal, vigilance, dedication, and hard work exhibited by comrades at all registration centers across the region, even though we know it was not easy for some of you and we recognize your sacrifices.

We have more to do at this particular moment where two days have been added to continue with the registration at the District EC offices across the region. We need to be extra vigilant at this critical hour, where anything can happen at our blind side.

We are by this, entreating all Parliamentary Candidates, constituency chairmen, Secretaries, organizers, etc, to ensure that they pile the District EC offices with one agent from each branch and a branch officer to the registration centers to exercise their authority in the form of a challenge by strangers who may be slipped through by our main opponent.

Comrades, we urge you all to finish hard for the struggle continues but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay bless and safe.


EC mop-up exercise On 8th and 9th a Ploy to Register foreigners and minors at The EC Office


Electoral Commission of Ghana has given out a press release of their intentions to give two-day mop exercises across the country in their various district offices.

Even as it is a good move, I encourage NDC leaders to;

1. Put measures in place to ensure fairness.

2. Also making sure the people to be bused to the offices are not foreigners and minors. NPP together with the vigilantes in the securities to sneak foreigners and minors into the country.

We are not unaware of the falling votes margin in NPP strongholds so they are pushing for those two days to cover up with foreigners and minors to make amends.

NDC let me be on guard. Get involved and get it done for JM and Jane NDC victory.

IT and Election directorates should take critical notes

God bless you all

The Pure Truth About Sex. 




There is something both the aged and the infant do not know anything about.

The church also has closed her eyes on this particular issue. Nobody wants to talk about it but it is very real.

In case you are not aware my brethren, I want to tell you that: SEXUAL IMMORALITY is the last bullet the kingdom of darkness has thrown against the church of God, and the church is wounded very sore that there seems to be no cure or remedy.

I want to make it so clear and not in jargons or vocabularies that, you cannot count the number of people who go to church and proclaim the name of God, that are still living in immorality. They may either be suffering from lust, masturbation, pornography, adultery, incest, homosexual, lesbianism, sodomy, bestiality and many more which time will fail me to mention.

Hardly will you come across a young lady who has not been misused by ‘so-called boyfriends’. And every guy is now dating because of sex.

God is watching all those that are having sex with people they haven’t married.

It’s a headache for God seeing his own created people perishing in a sin called sexual immorality. How many young men today in the church can you count and point fingers at that fornication has not pulled down?

A pastor slept with his junior pastor’s wife, impregnated her, and used the name of God to defend himself that it was God who instructed him to do so.

Sex that is supposed to be between husband and wife only, is now between father and daughter in the church, do I need to tell you there is fire on the mountain?

If sex that is only legalized between a man and his wife, is now between a guy and his girlfriend or between a man and his fiancee, do you need angels to come and sound the warning against sexual immorality?

If sex that is a sacred thing in marriage has become a desecrated thing in dating, what else do you want before you prepare the way of the Lord?


Cry aloud, spare not. And tell the house of Jacob their sins, and Israel their transgressions. Pastor why are you not crying aloud? Why are you so mute like ELI? Heaven is shedding tears over the perishing souls every day and you are there raising funds every Sunday to build bigger Auditorium.

You call your members for anointing services and prayer meetings without urging sin out of them.

Some are living together with men that did not pay any dowry on them.

Some commit abortion and cover it up. Some are lesbians and homosexuals. What are you doing about that?

Where has the word of God that says “flee fornication” gone to in your Bible? From henceforth, if you don’t take this warning and start declaring war against this strange spirit that has taken over the church, you’ll have questions to answer.

And those who claim they love holiness messages with negligence to this particular truth about sex have actually missed the mark.


To be active in church and still be committing immorality, God is watching you.

To be a child of God and still having a boyfriend or girlfriend, God is watching you.

To be a choir member or youth leader and still be doing what the married are doing if you like to continue.

All you need is genuine repentance.



God Said: There will come a time when mankind will love five things and forget five things.*

1. They will love the enjoyment of this world and forget the day of judgement.

2. They will love money and forget the day of accountability of how they acquired and spend the money.

3. They will fear things that are created and forget the creator.

4. They will love beautiful mansions and forget their grave.

5. They will love sins and forget to seek for God’s forgiveness.

Oh God, bless those who spread this message.

Come to think of this?…….

1. Eternal life = free

2. Church entrance = free

3. Christ’s salvation = free

4. God’s love = free

5. Breath of life = free

A. Cigarette = pay

B. Prostitution = pay

C. Alcohol =pay

D. Nightclub entrance fee= pay

E. Powers to rule the world = pay

Then why are people paying for hell while PARADISE is free?

Think twice

Believe in Christ and you shall be saved..

We always think of

Valentine’s day


Father’s day

Mother’s day

Children’s day

Our day,

Farmer’s day

Teacher’s day

Christmas day

Independence day

Boxing day,

This day,

That day,

Day in Day out.

Have you ever thought of Judgement Day, is it going to be a day of celebration or condemnation for you?

If you’re safe, what about your friends & loved ones. Show them, love, by telling them about the Judgement Day. Please pass this to any group let heaven be happy for you today. Please don’t say later, do it now because tomorrow may be too late.
a blessed and happy day to you all

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