Health workers were given tax-free salary and frontline workers bagged home 50% salary increase for their efforts towards reducing the Covid’19 menace.

In the case of teachers, 1 hot meal a day is given them for their contributions in this covid’19 era. This even comes as an afterthought given that basic schools re-opened about 2 months ago, i.e.,29th June.


This is blatant insult and disrespect to the teaching profession. This action of government emphasises how the country sees and treats the work of teachers as insignificant and valueless.


GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT and all relevant teacher unions and stakeholders must rise to condemn this abuse of teachers.

A country which keeps on treating teachers as nonentities whose efforts can be paid off with a mere meal cannot witness any better development.

For more information, contact

Counsellor Daniel Fenyi


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