Story By Odoom Lawrence.

As the NDCs exhilaration of victory is non-negotiable and evident Hon.Dr Ato Sarpong on Tuesday trained and equipped the Regional IT Team and the constituency ahead of this forthcoming Elections in aid to assist them to perfectly execute their mandates without rancour.

The Regional IT Team was thrown into a state of perpetual excitements and enthusiasm for such a timely workforce strategy which closely matches the requirements and expertise needed for elections in this crucial time.The Regional IT Team hailed and heaped praises on Hon.Ato Sarpong for getting the access to a vast extensive practical experience which will nib the ECs mechanization to cook figures for the NPP government.


The TEAM admitted that there is absolutely no cause for alarm as far as the issue of IT logistics is concerned Thus they’re properly resourced to take up any task going into the DEC 7 polls.

Hon.Ato Sarpong wholeheartedly also gave each constituency and the Regional IT Team an amount of undisclosed money to ginger their operational preparedness to work effectively and assiduously so as to deliver come Dec 7th Polls.

Hon.Ato Sarpong sanctimoniously advised that the Strength of NDC rest on the shoulders of all party members and the onus lies on everyone to work and propagate the People’s Manifesto to every potential voter.He again charged all that on the election Day members of NDC should make it a duty call after voting to go house to house,bar to bar & market to market to call out NDC members to cast their votes for John Dramani Mahama The PC’s and he’s optimistic that victory will give a shinning smile to the NDC.


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