To Whom It May Concern:
Trying times for the NDC but this certainly, isn’t the first or the worst. We have been through greater turmoils and withered greater storms before. We shall surely overcome again. This one too shall pass.
Obviously, our Minority Caucus took for granted the threats from the party grassroots ahead of the Vetting Committee Sittings. They took for granted, aided by some of the same people crucifying them now, the reservations of the grassroots over the kinds of questions and the pampering of the Nominees by some of our members on the Committee during the vetting. They again took for granted, the wise counsel from party leadership to reject especially the three notorious nominees, and they still took for granted, the disagreements from some of their own colleagues in Parliament over how things were unfolding.
Having taken the pain to engage with as many of our MPs as I can, I dare say that what happened last Wednesday was purely and genuinely leadership failure. As to how a leadership that could swim against the tide to get the whole of Ghana singing their praises just 2 months ago (on the night of 7th January) could sink so low in such a fashion still surprises me. Our MPs, especially leadership of the Minority, took the whole process for Business as Usual. Thank God for the eruption of anger that has greeted their actions, even from NPP members. Thank God for the early caution. Thank God for the collective shame. We thank God for everything.
Having said this, I believe as party footsoldiers and grassroots, our major concern and interest is keeping a party that is attractive and strong enough to reclaim power. Looking at the statements issued by some of our MPs so far, it is clear that none of them is proud of what happened last Wednesday. I am very certain that those who voted for those nominees have regretted their actions now. It is clear that lessons have been learnt, and perhaps, we would be seeing more of the Minority Caucus of 7th January moving forward. I feel we should close this chapter. I feel we should move on. I honeslty feel those of us here have a responsibility to lead the system to move on. We all have comrades on social media who listen to us. Let’s get to work. Let’s calm their nerves. Let’s help them to move on. Let’s move the system on.
Our party must get serious if we must regain the trust of the grassroots. This will call for strict enforcement of the Rules on Party Conduct and Discipline. It will call for the establishment of stricter Whip Systems within the party and in Parliament among our Caucus. It will call for our MPs genuinely understanding that they are in Parliament because of the NDC. It isn’t because of any sacrifices they made. Should the NDC sack any of them today, they will lose their seats straight away without any consideration for their personal sacrifices. Our MPs must know that they are not above reproach and when they give the grassroots the reason to reproach them, it shall be done with all the force available to us. We shall take them to the washing bay and wash them crystal clean.
Moving on, our grassroots must know that the continuous fixation on what happened in Parliament last Wednesday is denying them the right to query the system and demand accountability from people who brought this hung Parliament upon us in the first place and denied us a golden opportunity to reclaim power. The continuous fixation on our MPs is denying the grassroots their answers from people who failed to get us our collated results even several days after the fraud declaration by Jean Mensah. The continuous fixation on our MPs is denying the grassroots the necessary answers from people who knew too well that the party had failed to resource them to deliver on their mandate yet kept quiet, held on to their positions, even went ahead to take on other tasks, failed the party portorr and are now the first to point accusing fingers at others. Such people will pray that this Parliament brouhaha never ends.
The unanimous 7 delivered their much expected Ruling last Thursday. Our Flag Bearer, though strongly disagrees with them, has urged all of us to come out of their biased and unreasonable Ruling against us stronger than before. I believe the next crucial thing for us to do as a party is a postmortem of the 2020 elections. We should know exactly what happened and how we ended where we are. We must seek answers from all our Executive Committees and their appointees, right from the Branch, Constituency, Region and National. We need answers from the IT Directorate, Elections Directorate, the Research Directorate, Security and Operations, etc. The grassroots need to redefine their priorities in these crucial times and focus on that which will make the party stronger for power. It is in the interest of the grassroots to place last Wednesday behind them and begin to query the system on these issues.
I pray that NEC will up its game and provide better and more focused directions to the party moving forward. The era where meetings of the NEC are taken for Business as Usual must give way for critical consideration of issues and the taking of decisive decisions, workable and productive guidelines and timelines for party management and operations. It is important that NEC respects the outcomes (decisions) of its own meetings and stick to approved timelines for effective and efficient delivery by party actors at the base. Obviously, our timetable for the 2020 elections was quite poor and unproductive. Lessons must be learnt. Time no dey!
To those who are already all over the place canvassing for votes for the next internal elections, God bless you with long life. But I have seen some before. Some died at the 11th hour. First things first. Let’s understand our situation first so we will be well-guided moving into 2024. Don’t be interested ONLY in holding positions. Be you also interested in leading the party to reclaim power to form the next government. Patience is a virtue. Let’s embrace it.
God bless us all.




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