Story by Odoom Lawrence

The former Assemblyman and Zongo acting Caucus Coordinator Hon.Daakye has said,the guidelines for vaccination against the Covid-19 had not been critically observed at the Kotoka International airport KIA following the directives of the President of Ghana for the applicable decision for all citizens to be vaccinated.

Hon.Daakye speaking to stated that,though the government has rolled out a crucial covid 19 vaccination policy which seeks to get individuals,media media personnel, Clergy, diplomats , business and service providers to be vaccinated but foreigners who ought to pass through the necessary requirements prior to admission into the Ghana were defying the government’s directives without vaccination.”The most dicy situation was where passengers with Covid 19 positive status were allowed into the country without temperature screening, laboratory negative DCR test which may have unintended consequences on the country” He lamented.

Hon.Daakye added that ,as part of the sustainable development goals against covid 19 as the pledge of the government to leave no one behind there should be a strict adherence to the covid 19 vaccination and all people must comply with the directives now that there is a new variants of the virus because our health facilities are not adequate Enough Incase the virus slip the shoulders of this country.

Hon.Daakye who is a concerned Youth charged the government of Ghana to check the activities of Kotoka International airport KIA because that is the gate way of bringing the deadly virus into the country.He was convinced that the vaccination should be made compulsory for all arriving passengers before it blows alot of dimensions in our lives.

Hon.Daakye said,he was in a state of perplexity why Ghana medical Association,the Police,Clegy and other stakeholders are admonishing the Ghanaians to go for the vaccine on the grounds of their negative statuses but those tested positive at the Kotoka international airport KIA are skipping to be vaccinated.He revealed that,some of the passengers were Quarantined for 7 days without giving them the vaccines.”His fears is that the effect of the virus and it’s new variants continue to play out in a real time,harming people’s Health and development in most countries” he retorted.

Hon.Daakye advised that, Ghanaians must develop positive attitude towards the fight against this deadly pandemic because it has a devastated consequences on us thus the pandemic won’t be over anywhere until over everywhere.


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