Story by Odoom Lawrence

The seasoned Communication’s Officer for Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency Mr. Galahad Alex Andoh has clarified a News item buzzing on social media that Dr Ato Forson is entirely against the operation of game betting in the country.The cynosure of communication in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam said,the statement made by the Former Deputy finance minister who is also the Member of Parliament of AEED was totally taken out of Context.

Mr Galahad Alex Andoh indicated that,the comments made by the Member of Parliament was in sharp response by the inept NPP government imposing taxes on sport betting and other gaming activities across the country.Dr Ato Forson’s quick response was in the wake of the fall out of the 2021 budget when The care taker Minister ,Osei Kyie Mensah- Bonus in presenting the honeyed-prepared 2021 budget revealed that the government of Ghana loses close to 300 million cedis annually to the various gaming activities that are not properly regulated.In prompt rebuttal, Dr Ato Forson speaking on PM Express on Monday said ,the government should Not over focus on revenue mobilization to the detriment of the citizenry.

Mr. Galahad Alex Andoh has said,the statement made by the Former Deputy finance minister was a punitive way, rather questioning the NPP government as to why this substandard government led by the tyrant Nana Addo after borrowing close to 180billion with the highest accrual of oil revenue still finding a politically unthinkable ways to introduce tax on betting.

Mr. Galahad Alex Andoh vividly opined that,it is a serious disgrace for the NPP government that won such a flawed elections on the strong support base of the unemployed youth to be interested in taxing young guys in the betting business instead of the government finding more sustainable Jobs for the youth in tandem with the fat promises the NPP government made to them.

Mr. Galahad Alex Andoh further detailed that,Dr Ato Forson rather criticised the government for it’s lack of concern to the unemployment situation in Ghana thus even taxing betting in the mid of corona virus pandemic scores zero for the NPP government.

He added that,Dr Ato Forson’s comments was in demand for better job opportunities for the teeming youth thus his constant call for the suspension of Tax on online betting which are to the merit of the youth who are into Sport betting though betting has its own negative impact on the youth.Mr Galahad Alex Andoh added that, absolutely no Youth will be engulfed or addicted to sport betting if the government has provided an enabling environment for Job as it was promised by the NPP government in 2016 and 2020 elections respectively.

Mr Galahad Alex Andoh stated that,Dr Ato Forson basically questioned the need for taxing betting when the government must rather sympathize with the betting companies and find the youth a more permanent employment for their livelihoods.


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