Once again, as has become the norm lately, we are skirting around the issue and feigning outrage over the misbehavior of SHS students in the last few days. We all know that this batch of students has been fed a staple of privilege rather than hard work.

They have become a showpiece for a leader and government who believe in shallow populism. Rather than molding them into students who need to apply what they have been taught in the examination hall, they were told that they needed to excel to shame critics of the President.


They were given books containing past questions and urged to study them as a sure bet to passing the exams.

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They found out to their chagrin that there is no short cut to success and that WAEC, being an international organization,is not necessarily at the beck and call of any government.

So rather than feign righteous indignation and pretend that these students are entirely to blame, gather the courage to excoriate those who sought to rig the system in order to show off a high pass rate as the direct outcome of some intervention.


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