Ghanaians angry over a photo of a 64 infantry regiment young military officer who Campaigns for the Npp, threatening to shot and kill on voting day.

He made the comments on his Facebook page few days to the election.
Barely 24 hours to the crucial 2020 election, the soldier was seen in npp campaign shirts canvassing for votes for Nana Addo.
The social media users that descends  heavily on the Nana Addo led Npp Government said the conducts of the  Npp supporter stands against the 1992 Constitution of Ghana and must be suspended from the service without any further delay.

Charles Enyemenko,  the Military officer was seen yesterday Campaigning relentlessly for the retaining of President Nana Addo who sections of Ghanaians promised to vote out of power tomorrow because he failed to protect Ghanaian people but Continues to promotes, Projects and encourages; Corruption, Nepotism, Vindictiveness, Stealing and Scamming of Ghanaians in various forms, collapsing of Ghanaian businesses and Economic Hardships that cause unincorporated increase in Goods and services.


An activist of the opposition National Democratic Congress who Continue to Challenge the eligibility of the Young Soldier on facebook is calling for the suspension of the Young Man even before the required four-year term of Nana Addo ends in January 2021.

According to him, President Akufo has failed drastically in handling security issues in the country despite being commander in chief of the Ghana Armed Forces because he employed people who knows nothing about security.
It is sad under the self Acclaimed human rights activist, A security personnel can be seen walking freely on the streets, at a campaign rally supporting a political party whilst it will be otherwise it they were to be in opposition, Lordson Cyril Aforla added.

Ghanaians;retire President Akufo-Addo tomorrow for running a parallel security, he doesn’t even care about protecting the certified police simply because he has given Invincible Forces, Killer Nkoto Babies, Delta Force, Kandahar-Boys power to operate freely hence the killing of Police officers and intimidation of Ghanaians in the strong holds of the NDC continue in the country
during this 11th hour of his government”.


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