Story by Odoom Lawrence

The Universal Plant Medicine and Traditional Healers Association is appealing to the President of Republic of Ghana,Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to endorse herbal medicine and encourage more Ghanaians to patronize the indigenous Herbal medicines.

The Association addressing the media, the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of *Hepa Plus Mixture who is a member of the Association, Dr Ebenezer Agyemang* said the president’s endorsement, will instill more confidence in Ghanaians who are now contemplating on the use, efficacy and safety of herbal medicine in the country.

He again, emphasized that,at one of the President’s address to the Nation on the measures for curbing the covid 19 pandemic the President added his voice to the use of *Dawadawa,Kontomire and other vegetables in our diet* as immune Booster thus his statement affirms the efficacy of Herbal medicine.

Dr Agyemang therefore called on the first gentleman of the land to endorse the use of herbal Medicine to create enabling environment for the indigenous Herbal medicine practitioners to do more to cure some of the major health problems in the country.

He added that, Ghana is fortunate to have started offering degree programmes in herbal medicine at the Universities which has seen science and evidence based herbal medicine not only in West Africa but the whole of Africa.”It would be suicidal if we sit down and watch herbal medicine move at a tortoise pace looking at how the world is advancing in the efficaciously use of Herbal medicines”.He added.Government giving greenlights to the herbal medicine manufacturers will even create more Jobs in the Ghanaians society and dwindle the unemployment rate in the country.

đź“žContacts of some of the members in the Association.

Dr Ebenezer Agyeman, the CEO of HEPA PLUS HERBAL MIXTURE.


Dr Gyedu Benjamin, the CEO of GYEDU HERBAL.


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