Responding to the party’s statement, Allotey Jacobs described the leaders as ‘gangalees’ and further added that their decision smacks of mischief.

“This is to expose themselves as ‘ganglees’. They’re exposing themselves. It’s just to play a mischief. Because I announced on your noble platform that I have dismissed myself or sacked myself from the NDC, it was all over, newspapers, radio stations; a whole lot of interviews. That was two weeks ago; then, in their release, to the press or the media houses, they say they met on the 17th of March . . . so when they took a decision, made a recommendation to sack Allotey Jacob, it has taken them almost one week (to make it public)? You see there’s mischief somewhere. It is all to stem the tide that is building up in the NDC. It is to stem the tide to assure their fanatic supporters around them that we have power,” he fumed.


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