Story by Odoom Lawrence

Hon.Daakye a youth activist who once served as Assemblyman and acting Zongo Caucus coordinator for the Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency in the central region of Ghana has indicated that,though the activities of Ghana’s Kotoka international Airport is an gigantic and complex task but if operations are Not properly checked an acts of a bulwark against a possible terror attack is bound to happen.

According to him,the aviation security,immigration officials and Customs who are the main Frontline workers to security details at the Kotoka international Airport are not putting in effective measures and material resources in order to safeguard civil and unlawful interference which could be an act of terrorism,sabotage , threats to life and bombing.He argued that,per his thoroughly evidence some of the officials at the Airport who are to check our security fiber are only interested in money which is very inimical and decrease our security by providing a smooth path for terrorist attacks and foreigners like the Chinese to carry contraband goods through.

Hon.Daakye stressed out that,the deadly terror attack in many places around the world raises the issues of safety and security at the various Airports but the activities of our men in the uniform are perpetuating more harm than good to country Ghana.He added that,our Airport is undeniably porous to the extent that foreign Nationals are allowed without proper security scrutiny.

Hon.Daakye whinnied bitterly due to the money-free relationship at the Airport between some of the officials and the foreign Nationals especially the Chinese and the Lebanese which has now given them the imprimatur to even own state government lands at cantonment, labone and other places within Accra.

Hon.Daakye is calling on the Government as matter of urgency to ensure Ghana do not sacrifice the liberty in the pursuit of a good security goal that is at best ineffective and at worst counterproductive.” The fact that Ghana has not suffered a successful terror attack on its Airport shouldn’t slow pace the feeble security activities at the heart of Kotoka international Airport” He retorted

Hon.Daakye speaking to Accra Correspondent Mr Lawrence cited that,the single deadliest airline catastrophe resulting from the failure of Airport security to detect an onboard bomb was an Indian flight *182* in 1985 , which killed 329 people thus the security officials at the Ghana Kotoka international Airport ought to take clue from that and execute their duties professionally.


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