Hello fellas, as announced; this is the moment we have been waiting for.

Officially #ManifestYourself, a single God placed on my heart; and together with @harryfisciangh is out.

This song is to help Believers reaffirm their faith in God these abnormal times. Trusting Him fully that just like He manifested himself practically and tangibly in the days of the patriarch’s He can and will do the same in our days also.

Mr. Cephas of Rock Music Studios owns the credit to the production of this song; a Contemporary Gospel music as it has always been.

Now that this song is at your disposal, I shall keep coming to you very often to share in your faith, and again remind you to keep trusting God and not to only rally around as Christian’s but as people who believe in His Manifest Presence;

This song is a blessing don’t keep it to yourself kindly share download links with your friends and loved ones.

In return, I seek the same as a support to this project: share as many as you can, on every platform you are, and ultimately, download, play, and practice the good news in there. By so doing we have a miracle to inherit.

God bless you!


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