Story by Odoom Lawrence

The good yielding efforts by the member of Parliament for the Awutu Senya West Consistency Hon.Gizella Agbotui Tetteh in making sure the Constituency see feasible developments is on Course.The MP in the area with the effortlessly grounds work by the Noble chairman Comrade Daniel Ako ,the field Marshal comrade Abekah Mensah popularly known as COMMANDER 1 and the executives are proactively putting in place a number of pragmatic measures in reshaping and grading the works in Bawjiase and Awutu Beraku township as well as connecting the various community roads.

According to the MP, the idea for becoming a member of Parliament for Awutu Senya West Consistency is serving her constituents thus a work of an MP is all about serving the people with humility, trustworthiness and incorruptibility.

According to evidence based information available to, the people of the Area have been so appreciative of the MP’S efforts and have vowed to give her the necessary supports.

Some residents ,in an interview with this portal asserted that, they didn’t see such developmental projects under the reign of the NPP former MP George Andah. “The indelible mark of a good Leader or an MP for that matter is the one who put the interest and well-being of the Constituency at heart” the voice of one Youth leader who wants to remain anonymous.

The Youth within the Constituency have seriously vowed to throw their weights behind the MP in the Area for starting the developments of ASW on a good Note.” It is better to vote for an agent of development than to bring in someone who’s activities retrogress the growth of a community. It is evident that ASW witnessed zero developments under George Andah former MP’s time” one Philip said.

One Mr Alex ,a staunch member of the New Patriot Party NPP in the ASW even expressed his admiration for MP Hon.Gizella Agbotui Tetteh for showing the political will to embark on developmental projects within the Area.


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