RTSS Boosted Reduction In Malaria Cases In Anloga.

The Anloga District health directorate has recorded a tremendous dip in malaria cases in the district.

Over the years records have it that, malaria was on the rise in some parts of the Volta Region which Anloga District in the Volta region has documented a reduction in malaria cases due to the RTSS project initiated in the area for children under five.

The projects which commenced in the district in 2019 as part of a piloting project of the vaccination have helped reduced the malaria-related cases by 1,279.

Mr. Derrick Hens, the Anloga district malaria Focal Person said, the directorate found it bothering when the cases boosted by 12,704 in 2019 as against 10,986 in 2018.

He stated that in 2020 the district has recorded a reduction of about 11,425 cases which the directorate was happy about and recommended the RTSS project to be expanded nationwide.

Mr. Hens, in an interview with Emmanuel Gameli Dovia, disclosed that though the vaccination is going on well they encountered some challenges such as non-compliance of some parents to the program.

“Nurses had no choice than to do follow-ups to various homes for children to be vaccinated,” he continued.

He further mentioned that, after series of education to the parents, most of them agreed and allowed their wards to be vaccinated against the malaria virus.

Mr. Hens however lamented that one of the biggest challenges the directorate faced was, most of the parents traveled out of the District which affected the dosage completion

A community health nurse in Anloga District also mentioned that the program is going in four different districts which Anloga district is one of them.

According to her, the first dosage of the vaccine for children starts at 6 months whilst the second vaccination takes place at 7 months.

The third and fourth faces of the vaccine begin at 9 months and 24 months (2 years) respectively.

She said, at the initial stages, some parents resist the assumption that it was covid-19 vaccine but later understood the project through dialogues.

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Madam Agboga advised parents that, the vaccine does not prevent the children from malaria virus hence they should keep the protocol of sleeping in mosquito net.

Madam Agboga noted Other methods accounting for the successful reduction of malaria cases in the district included; public education on malaria preventive methods such as draining and spraying stagnant waters to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes within the district.

She urged parents to continue to clear and burn bushes, empty cans, and stagnant waters which serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes since the rainy season approaches.




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