When given the opportunity to address the nation on Sunday the 16th of August about the state of Covid-19 management in Ghana, this is what he wastefully said…

“All eligible voters were given unfettered opportunity to register. The process was overwhelmingly peaceful and safe.”Akufo Addo

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My Remarks:
Really? What about the Norhterners who were challenged by NPP thugs in the Ashanti region only to have back their Voter ID Cards after an adjudication in the chief’s palace? Were they also given “unfettered opportunity to register”?

What about those in the Volta Region who were beaten by Akufo Addo deployed soldiers and were later prevented from registering? Were they also given “unfettered opportunity to register”?

Is it the case that, Akufo Addo doesn’t understand English any more?

Indeed Enmity, Hatred, Jealousy and Hypocrisy have blinded the “Old Tom” in Ghana.

May God save us from the cruelty of the contemporary tyrants.

16th August, 2020


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