Students of the University of Western Cape in South Africa, were left frustrated as promised laptops meant for their examination failed to arrive before the start of the exams.

Tertiary institutions have turned to online methods to ensure that studies and assessments continue during the lockdown.

UWC students took to social media to express their frustrations after the university failed to deliver the necessary devices.

A first-year law student, Kuselo Booi, is reported to have been staying in his family home in Butterworth in the Eastern Cape since the nationwide lockdown was implemented and campus residences were closed.


“Sometimes we go for like two to three days without electricity – that’s a challenge”

He does not have a laptop and uses his phone to study and complete assignments.

The university has sent students data but Booi says it was not enough.

“The work keeps coming in, lecturers are going on with the program and we have to submit.”

According to UWC, a third of its 24,000-strong student body needs data or devices but so far only 2,000 laptops have been delivered.

“I’m really nervous. With law our questions are always long questions.”

Meanwhile, UWC says that it was aware of the challenges that students were facing and that there were contingency plans in place for students unable to write their mid-year exams

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