In the first place, a large majority of the ‘free’ SHS students, did not qualify for admission to the SHS. Most of them were pushed into the system with grades as bad as aggregate 45, just to make a ‘huge’ political statement…

Logistics and other teaching materials were woefully inadequate to go round the resultant large numbers… The double-track which became an ad-hoc ‘solution’, deprived them of needed contact hours for studies.


Then came in the ‘last straw’… the dreaded COVID-19, which took them away from school for several weeks.


As if these were not enough, instead of rigorous revision work, when they were recalled recently, they were rather gathered for EC registration and ‘political’ lectures from youth leaders of the ruling party….. apparently, amidst promises of possible exam questions from arranged Pasco booklets procured purposely for them, “to pass well and shame political opponents”, and ‘lenient’ invigilation among others…

. Now if you psyche up teenagers with such politically motivated ideas, and you get them disappointed, because their expectations are not met, they will react foolishly out of their ‘innocent’ and youthful exuberance….. Albeit, quite reprehensible and totally uncalled for.

May God save our educational systems. 🇬🇭


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